Scammers Break The Kindle Store

Thanks to David Gaughran for Sharing This Information. I Have Noticed The Book, DRAGONSOUL by Kayl Karadjian, does not have the proper book stats listed by Amazon. Also, Reviews are NOT Great. Here is AMAZON Book Link if Anyone is Interested.



David Gaughran

On Friday, a book jumped to the #1 spot on Amazon, out of nowhere; it quickly became obvious that the author had used a clickfarm to gatecrash the charts.

The Kindle Store is officially broken.

This is not the first time this has happened and Amazon’s continued inaction is increasingly baffling. Last Sunday, a clickfarmed title also hit #1 in the Kindle Store. And Amazon took no action.

Over the last six weeks, one particularly brazen author has put four separate titles in the Top 10, and Amazon did nothing whatsoever. There are many such examples.

I wrote at the start of June about how scammers were taking over Amazon’s free charts. That post led to a phone conversation with KDP’s Executive Customer Relations.

Repeated assurances were given that the entire leadership team at Amazon was taking the scammer problem very seriously indeed. But it was also stressed that the…

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M.G. Wells is an author, artist, playwright and screenwriter. Encouraged and supported by her colorful grandparents at an early age for her numerous artistic talents, M.G. strives to create a diverse body of work to entertain and inspire. Fun stuff too. Enjoy.
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9 Responses to Scammers Break The Kindle Store

  1. iartichokeu says:

    Oh geez, I had no idea this was even a thing. So messed up!

  2. Lisa Orchard says:

    It looks like they’re working on it now. I just checked the book stats and found there aren’t any. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this.

  3. milliethom says:

    It’s hard to believe this is actually going on, but the sooner Amazon get to grips with a means of stopping it, the better! Thanks for reblogging this MG.

  4. I read recently that Amazon is changing the rules and that in order to leave a review with Amazon someone needs to have spent $50 (over a lifetime) with Amazon. That will cut out a lot of the fake reviews. I wonder if what I heard is true. Scammers are really smart and Amazon (and the rest of the world) will always be playing catch-up. I have faith that they’ll keep working on the problem.

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