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MOOBALA SCHMOOBALA #KindleBook is #FREE on June 29,2018 = Please #Review

Reviews are greatly appreciated. Amazon has been deleting reviews and a lot of authors, including myself, have been hit hard. Thanks and enjoy the journey! AMAZON UNIVERSAL BOOK LINK:  or GOODREADS LINK: If you do not own … Continue reading

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Tarantula: Giant of the Spider World 🕷

Tarantulas are mygalomorphs (suborder Orthognatha), and thus they have jaws that move forward and down (rather than sideways and together, which is characteristic of araneomorphs [suborder Labidognatha]). Tarantulas are distinguished from other mygalomorphs by a collection of traits that include … Continue reading

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5 TIPS to Keep Your Chin Up = #SundayMotivation

Life is a challenge so here are 5 Tips to help keep your chin up and moving forward. Wishing all a blessed day.

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LIGHTMASTERS #KindleBook is #FREE thru 6-16-18. Thanks for Your Support = #BookBoost #ASMSG #IAN #RRBC #IAN1

Shares and Reviews are appreciated. Thanks and enjoy the journey. AMAZON UNIVERSAL LINK: GOODREADS LINK: If you do not own a KINDLE you can download FREE KINDLE READING APPS and read on any device. I use them and … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare’s Influence on Our Language Today = #ShakespeareSunday

William Shakespeare is often credited with having a profound influence on language, literature, theater, and other elements of culture. It would not be difficult to argue that we owe most of modern storytelling’s characteristics to Shakespeare. Theater has never been … Continue reading

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42 #Butterflies of North America

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