MOOBALA SCHMOOBALA #KindleBook is #FREE on June 29,2018 = Please #Review


Reviews are greatly appreciated. Amazon has been deleting reviews and a lot of authors, including myself, have been hit hard. Thanks and enjoy the journey!




If you do not own a KINDLE you can download FREE KINDLE READING APPS and read on any device. I use them and they are great! See link below.


MOOBALA GIF by MG WELLS Hippo - Peace Out Copyright 6-9-17




M.G. Wells is an author, artist, playwright and screenwriter. Encouraged and supported by her colorful grandparents at an early age for her numerous artistic talents, M.G. strives to create a diverse body of work to entertain and inspire. Fun stuff too. Enjoy.
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6 Responses to MOOBALA SCHMOOBALA #KindleBook is #FREE on June 29,2018 = Please #Review

  1. hsampson says:


  2. magdaolchawska says:

    Don’t be misled by thinking that this is just a story for kids; it’s not.
    I could relate to the story on the spiritual level and my son related to the story as kids do appreciating the animals and friendship between Moobala Schmoobala and Boobala.
    If you are looking for a storybook for your child about friendship, kindness and appreciation of Mother Earth and what she has given us “Moobala Schmoobala” delivers.
    If you are looking for a story for an adult that is mindful, allows you to look around you and find appreciation in your home, your friends and who you are, grab a copy of“Moobala Schmoobala” and go back to it when you feel blue.
    “Moobala Schmoobala” by M.G. Wells is easy and fun to read with colourful and simple illustrations that children cherish after being bombarded with highly stylised images. To me “Moobala Schmoobala” is like meditation verse.

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