Shakespeare Insult Kit

Shakespeare Insult Kit Yellow BS 8-6-17

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My Ebooks are Free Through 8-3-17 PST

GIF 8-1 via 8-3-17 FREE Promo LM and MOOBALA

Both my ebooks are FREE through 8-3-17 PST. Please download, read and review when you can. Thanks for your support. Retweets on Twitter are appreciated.


If you do not own a KINDLE you can download FREE KINDLE READING APPS and read on any device. I use them often and they are great! Thanks for the support.

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IG Writers BLOCK wp 7-22-17

I believe writer’s block is overused. Yes, it can be attributed to some of the questions listed in the above photo. You can write a card, a shopping list, a poem, an essay or a song. As long as you are writing something, you’re a writer. I’m a Renaissance gal and have diverse interests. Writing is only one of them. There are so many wonderful things in this world to experience and all those experiences will help you as a writer…even the horrid ones. Many often ask me why I do not continue my two published books as a series. Here are a few reasons why I am not motivated to do so:

1) The publishing markets, both indie and traditional, are saturated and the Amazon book sales are not great. At least when you are an indie author, you are your own boss. When you have an agent and/or publisher, they dictate and pressure you to produce. If your books do not sell, they will drop you. A famous author once said to me the system is designed to keep you out. I like being an indie author. I want to work at my own pace. Editing, formatting and marketing are a lot of work. I do not have a personal assistant and/or secretary. I have to do everything myself and pay others to help me accomplish a project. It can be challenging and costly.

2) I have so many ideas and outlines of stories and not one of them is resonating with me. When I decide, I will focus on getting it done as quickly as I can. It must be something unique and original or it is not worth the time and effort.

3) I have a life to live and many responsibilities as most of us do. Bills, cleaning, errands, shopping, breathing, etc. I’d love to win the lottery, sit on a beach and contemplate the meaning of life. I live in the REAL world of things to do, people to meet, relatives to dodge, friends to enjoy and places to visit.

Thanks for reading, and I wish all of you the best at whatever you decide to do with your life. Above all, enjoy the journey, have fun and do what you love.








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Thanks to The Power of Quantum Thinking for This Excellent Post.

The power of Quantum Thinking

We are hearing very often about detachment lately. Detachment to material things, to places, to people etc.

For most people, it is easier to detach themselves from individuals, food or places than to be the “victim” of the detachment.

You can train your mind to separate from a place, from a certain food or habit.  A little more difficult for many is to “avoid” toxic people who are not helping us with our growth process.

Especially when the other people feel you are avoiding them for the wrong reasons. They might think that you are getting too “picky” or that you are being too selfish or that you simply do not care anymore for them.

But please do not fall into that game this time.

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Three Different Ways to Breathe

I Love Anatomy and Science and Found This GIF

Fascinating. To Enlarge, Press Control and Plus (+).

Wishing All a Lovely Day. Enjoy the Journey!

GIF 3 ways to breathe WP 7-19-17


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Thirst Editions by John Atkinson

Thirst Editions by John Atkinson. Check Out John’s Blog. Enjoy.

Wrong Hands

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Artists in the Wild by Grant Snider


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