3.2.1. #Quote Me Challenge: #HOPE 🌺

GIF PINK TAKE WHAT YOU NEED for Didis HOPE Challenge QuotePIC Infinity Heart dividerI am grateful to Didi’s Art Design for nominating me in the 3.2.1. Quote Me Challenge. Please follow Didi’s lovely blog here:



https://didisvgp.wordpress.com/2018/06/29/thanks-dear-amira-for-the-nomination-of-3-2-1-quote-me-challenge-day-1/#comment-5164PIC Infinity Heart dividerI HOPE People Will be KIND and LISTEN…MG WELLS.

PIC Infinity Heart dividerGIF MORGAN FREEMAN ON HOPE SHAWSHANK Redemption 7-18

A quote from the film THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. This is one of my favorite films and here are details:

https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111161/?ref_=nv_sr_1PIC Infinity Heart divider

My 3 nominees for the HOPE Challenge are:

1) Millie Thom: https://milliethom.com

2) Charles Robert Lindholm : https://thereluctantpoetweb.wordpress.com

3) Edel Pace: https://edelpace.com/pacemaker-blog/PIC Infinity Heart dividerQuote-Me-Challenge-Rules” are:

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!
1. Thank the Selector
2. Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.
3. Select 3 bloggers to take part in “3.2.1 Quote Me!”







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MOOBALA SCHMOOBALA #KindleBook is #FREE on June 29,2018 = Please #Review


Reviews are greatly appreciated. Amazon has been deleting reviews and a lot of authors, including myself, have been hit hard. Thanks and enjoy the journey!






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MOOBALA GIF by MG WELLS Hippo - Peace Out Copyright 6-9-17


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Tarantula: Giant of the Spider World 🕷


Tarantulas are mygalomorphs (suborder Orthognatha), and thus they have jaws that move forward and down (rather than sideways and together, which is characteristic of araneomorphs [suborder Labidognatha]). Tarantulas are distinguished from other mygalomorphs by a collection of traits that include not only their size and hairiness but also their two pairs of book lungs and their three-segmented spinnerets. While the behaviour of tarantulas can vary, many make burrows in soil and feed mainly at night on insects and occasionally small frogs, toads, and mice. Theraphosids are generally harmless to humans, although they can inflict painful bites if provoked. They are often kept as pets.

In the southwestern United States, species of the genus Aphonopelma can attain a body length up to 5 cm (almost 2 inches) and a leg span up to 12.5 cm (almost 5 inches). The spiders, dark in colour and sluggish in movement, have a hairy body and hairy legs. The most common member of that genus is A. californicum (Eurypelma californicum; sometimes E. californica), which is found in California, Texas, and Arizona. A 30-year life span has been recorded for one individual of that species.

The largest species of tarantulas are found in South America and belong to the genus Theraphosa. The goliath bird-eating spider (T. leblondi or T. blondi) has a body length up to 7.5 cm (almost 3 inches) and in rare instances has been known to capture and eat small avian prey. Both the pinkfoot goliath (T. apophysis) and the goliath bird-eating spider can attain leg spans of about 30 cm (12 inches). The pinkfoot is distinguished by its pale pink feet, which fade when the spider molts.

The name tarantula was originally given to the wolf spider, Lycosa tarentula, of southern Europe and was derived from the town of Taranto, Italy. The bite of L. tarentula was once thought to cause a disease known as tarantism, in which the victim wept and skipped about before going into a wild dance (see tarantella). It has been shown, however, that the bite of L. tarentula is not dangerous to humans and that no ill effects can be attributed to it. The body of L. tarentula is about 2.5 cm (1 inch) long. Like other wolf spiders, it spins no web but catches its prey by pursuit.

Other spiders belonging to the same family as the New World tarantulas are the monkey spiders of Africa and the bird-eating spiders of Australia and New Guinea. Trap-door spiders and the dangerous funnel-web spider of Australia are also related to the theraphosids as members of Orthognatha.

CREDIT: https://www.britannica.com/animal/tarantula

PIC Infinity Black Divider

GIF Tarantula 2 black and blue white

PIC Infinity Black DividerGIF TARANTULA 1

PIC Infinity Black DividerGIF TARANTULA Respiration BBC Earth

Thanks to BBC EARTH for the Amazing Tarantula GIFS:


PIC Infinity Black Divider

Fun Facts About Tarantulas:



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5 TIPS to Keep Your Chin Up = #SundayMotivation

GIF 5 Tips to Keep Your Chin Up

Life is a challenge so here are 5 Tips to help keep your chin up and moving forward. Wishing all a blessed day.

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LIGHTMASTERS #KindleBook is #FREE thru 6-16-18. Thanks for Your Support = #BookBoost #ASMSG #IAN #RRBC #IAN1

GIF LIGHTMASTERS by MG WELLS - 2 Page 6-18-19 - Cover and Matrix

Shares and Reviews are appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy the journey.





If you do not own a KINDLE you can download FREE KINDLE READING APPS and read on any device. I use them and they are great! See link below.



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William Shakespeare’s Influence on Our Language Today = #ShakespeareSunday


William Shakespeare is often credited with having a profound influence on language, literature, theater, and other elements of culture. It would not be difficult to argue that we owe most of modern storytelling’s characteristics to Shakespeare. Theater has never been the same since his plays’ first performances, and Shakespeare’s influence can be noted in everything from contemporary dialogue to expectations of audience behavior. It’s been asserted by historians that the circulation of Shakespeare’s First Folio, a bound collection of his plays that was published posthumously, began to solidify his role as one of the most important figures in history. He’s the most highly regarded dramatist in the world, and Shakespeare’s influence is just as pronounced today as it was centuries ago.



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42 #Butterflies of North America


GIF Butterfly Inforgraphic of North America

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